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      Of quality flanges and fittings

      China Manufacturer

      Flange fittings manufacturers in China


      PEHEL Hydraulic covers an area of 18,000 square meters

      Fine Manage

      PEHEL Hydraulic allow you to hold compliance with industry. With wide variety of checking out and inspection offerings available.

      CE & SGS ISO 9001

      check every process in hose fitting(first inspection, routing inspection ,casual inspection,final inspection)

    • PEHEL Hydraulic is a flange hose fittings manufacturer
      across multiple industries

      We are strives to provide the SAE Flange, 9000PSI Flange and JIS Flange products on the market.
      Piping flange to tube fitting adapters reduce potential system leak points with a threadless.
      Weldless transition from flanged piping systems to tubing systems.

    • Flange Connection Application

      Hydraulic fluid components are widely used. PEHEL can provide high quality products to meet the requirements of various industries with continuous stability and reliability.