• Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine For Sale

    • *PEHEL Hydraulic * Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine For Sale, Powerful Crimping For Hydraulic Hose Assembly, produce international standard hydraulic components, Export To More Than 30 Countries All Over The World.

      Our Pehel CNC machine adopt Syntec, with high stability and high reaction rate.The designing of ramp rail is more easily to discharge filings. X/Z line ensured a repeated positioning precision of the machine tool to 0.01mm. The high-precision hydraulic machinery model test bench is an indispensable tool to advance the technological progress of hydraulic machinery disciplines.

    • Applicable Place

      • Hydraulic Hose Repair Workshop

      • Hydraulic Hoses And Fittings Store

      • Hydraulic Service Van

      • Mechanical Engineering Repair Site

      • Mine Site

      What are hose crimpers used for?

      • Fabricating Hoses Assemblies

      • Shrink Steel Tubes

      • Crimping Industrial Cables

      • Pressing Wire Ropes

      • Pressing Air Suspension

    • How does a hydraulic crimping machine work?

      A hydraulic hose crimper uses a pump system that creates a tight grip on the end of the hose. This crimps the hose end fitting onto the hose. Some crimpers have a handle that users move to tighten or loosen the crimper. Other hydraulic hose crimpers use electronic controls so the technician can adjust the pressure. These types of crimpers are typically bench-mounted. Hydraulic Machine crimpers are modular, so they are portable but can also be mounted to a bench.

    • Conclusion

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