• Custom Hydraulic Fittings

    • Custom Design Hydraulic Adapter Fitting & Assembly

      Being a long time manufacturer of hydraulic fittings and adapters, our Pehel Hydraulic specializes in custom design requirements. Our experience in specialty fittings design can meet all of your special requirements.

      Work with Pehel Hydraulic technical team to design parts that fit their hydraulic application:

      1.Pehel Hydraulic can design different kinds of adapters, fittings with many years experience.

      2.Pehel Hydraulic have strong experience in doing business with well-known enterprises in the world.

    • custom design hydraulic fittings
    • 3.The engineers in Pehel Hydraulic can design and produce different customized adapter fittings by themselves. After testing, they can be applied to the important components with high requirements, like high pressure, high pulse, extreme temperature...

      4.Pehel Hydraulic can design all kinds of special fittings by customer drawings.

      Have a unique hydraulic application that requires a custom or special hydraulic fitting?

      Contact us and we‘ll get to work.

    • Technology

      Q.About sealing element?

      We mainly use FLUORORUBBER and NBR(Nitrile rubber buna) now.

      1.NBR hardness: 80, low temperature resistant, can reach -40deg. 90 hardness will be a little hard, may cause broken.

      2.FLUORORUBBER: high temperature resistant, can reach 130-140deg

      3.Silica gel is rarely used, oil resistance and anti-corrosion, but the price is expensive.


      Q.1.Payment term?

      30% T/T as deposit, 70% T/T balance against cop

      of BL(standard item order).

      5 0% T/T as deposit, 5 0% T/T balance against copy

      of BL(non-standard item order).

      Can discuss with us if you have special demand.

      Q.2.How to send the goods?

      By sea, by air, by international express, by train.

      Q.3.What is the MOQ?

      Normally 300pcs, if the items have stock, small quantity is ok.

      Q.4.Delivery time?

      Stock order: 2- 20days, depends on order

      Manufacture order: 30-60days, depends on order


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