• Assembly Procedure PTFE Reusable Fittings

    • 1. Having established the required length, cut the hose with a suitable cut off wheel or fine toothed hack saw blade. To minimize braid flair, wrap the area of the hose to be cut with masking tape.

    • 2. Remove the masking tape and trim any loose braid wires. Remove burrs from inside diameter of the PTFE tube with a sharp knife. Clean the hose to ensure all loose particles and dirt are removed from the bore.

      3. Braid tends to flair at one end more than the other, identify the end that has flared less and assemble two sockets back to back from this end.

      4. Separate the braid from the innercore at each end using the appropriate tool. If the tool is not available, the braid may be loosened by working the hose over the fitting tail.

      5. Push the olive over the end of the tube ensuring it goes under the braid wire.

    • 6. Lubricate the fitting and socket threads. Hold the fitting hexagon in a set of vice jaws, push the hose over the tail using a twisting action until the olive is seated against the chamfer on the thread shoulder. Push the socket forward and engage its thread on the fitting thread.

    • 7. Using the appropriate size spanner tighten the two halves of the fitting together until there is a maximum gap of 0.75mm (0.031 inches) between the fitting hex and the socket.

    • 8. Clean the assembly and proof pressure test it to twice the system operating pressure.

      NOTE: NEVER loosen fittings once assembled to achieve the desired orientation. ALWAYS use a new olive when reusing an end fitting.

    • Assembly Procedure Rigid Tube and Fittings

      JIS is equivalent to BSP thread (both tapered and parallel). But JIS has a 30° flared seat in the female variant and cone in the male variant (similar to the seat/cone system in JIC fittings)

      1. Cut the aluminium tube square and deburr the inside and outside diameters (not excessively).
      2. Assemble fitting by sliding the sleeve and nut over the tubing.
      3. Flare the tube with the appropriate proprietory flaring tool.

    • PART NO.


    • Hose Fitting - Torque Tightening Values

      It is important not to over tighten hose fittings to their mating adapters or housings. Over tightening causes permanent deformation of the fitting seat and will result in the mating adapter sealing face being made concave, this will inhibit repeated reliable use of both the fitting and the adapter.

    • Inner Tube:PTFE
      Cover: A single Braid Of Stainless Steel
      Temperature Range: -54oC- +204oC

      Hose Part No

      Hose IDHose ODMin Burst PresMax W.PMin Bend Rad

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