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Custom manifolds for hydraulic equipments
Pehel Hydraulic realize production of special components in accordance with drawing and customer specifications. All goods are manufactured to tolerances that meet or exceed the International Standards Organization (ISO)

We have created a streamlined system for estimating, engineering and manufacturing special products from as little information as a hydraulic schematic and component bill of materials. 
Estimating has been semi-automated, but still is reviewed by an engineer as part of the process. Request for Quotations are returned within 48 hours, and can be achieved inside of 24 hours if needed.
Unique features of our engineering software make it possible to monitor internal wall thickness, internal flow capacity and circuit transfer integrity.

A dedicated group of highly skilled machinists have been assembled to manufacture your special products. Our craftsmen are familiar with the critical features of hydraulic valve manifolds, and understand the imperative nature of properly machined, burr-free and clean products.

To process the valve spool hole in the hydraulic valve block, the PEHEL hydraulic valve uses reaming technology. The precision ensures the high precision of the hydraulic valve block's valve spool hole, as well as the stable surface quality and tolerance range throughout the hole diameter.

The hydraulic valve block's pivot point is the valve spool hole. Because many hydraulic valve block manufacturers lack high precision equipment, they must process outside. Outside processing centers, in general, only process according to process parameters, rarely considering the properties, use scenarios, and service life of machining components. It is difficult to grasp the diameter dimensional tolerance of the valve spool hole, coaxiality, cylindricity, and roughness in a consistent and stable manner.

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