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Correct assembly installation

PEHEL Hydraulic Model: Correct assembly installation


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  • Correct Assembly Installation

    Since hose may change in length from +2% to -4% Under the surge of high
    pressure,provide sufficient Slack for expansion and contraction

    Hose should not be twisted.Hose is weakededwheninstalledinbwistedposition
    Also Pressure in twisted hose tends to loosen fitting Connections
    Design So that machine motion produces bending rather that bwisting

    Never use a bending radius less than minimum shownin the hose
    specilcationthe bending radius of hose should be far away from the
    hose fitting (A>1.5R).

    Leave proper Length when the hose is connected

    Hose bending radius is bigger when it is in motion

    Choise proper fittings,avoid too small bending
    radius and excess force

    Choice proper fittings,avoid twisting in hose lines
    bent in two planes

    Choice proper fittings,avoid excessive hose length

    Avoid twisting in hose by using clamp properly

    Reduce friction,avoid hose touching the object
    directly or far Bway from the object

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